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Comin' Around to Bite You

I went in to Best Buy the other day to shop for a new laptop computer. The Circuit City store that we had in town was a casualty of that company's recent bankruptcy, so it closed and left us really with just one major electronics store in Pensacola. Although I generally shopped at Best Buy when the Circuit City store was open, the advantage of having both nearby was a benefit to me as a consumer. I tend to be very deliberative when buying "big ticket" items like computers. I want to get the right one for the job and I don't want to regret having bought the item, either because I didn't need it after all or I should have purchased a different one. So, I tend to ask questions and compare items, then I'll frequently go home and sleep on it. So, while I was in the "shopping" phase, I approached a sales clerk and asked him what he thought the best multi-tasking llaptop computer manufacturer they carried was and he told me as he breezed past me. Then